Know What Needs Attention

Sight Software’s Process Intelligence tools allow process stakeholders to know what needs attention. Our tools allow easy process analysis, prediction, monitoring, control, and optimization.

How Does Process Intelligence Work?

Sight Software’s Process Intelligence tools are aware of the underlying business process flow. With process awareness, the tools can understand the context of analysis. With context, the tools can filter out extraneous data and highlight important information. With this process knowledge, process stakeholders can easily know what needs attention.

What Can’t Business Intelligence Tools Do This?

Data in dimensional models (which were originally designed for hierarchical business data, such as financial information and sales results) is not organized to provide a process view or to possess knowledge of process flow. Analysis of this data today is mostly after-the-fact and designed to be informative and enumerative, but not prescriptive. Sight Software’s Process Intelligence tools are prescriptive. BI reporting tools are not. OLAP is not.